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Now is the time for you to focus on restoration from the inside out. Our varied retreats and programmes can assist you in your journey to complete health and wellbeing.

Find inner peace at our award-winning Spa with acclaimed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner Dr. Wang Linhai until 5 January 2017. Dr. Wang has teamed up with our in-house expert Dr. Zhao and offering unique holistic treatments such as bone-setting and TCM Wellness Journey, designed to revitalize the mind and the body ready to the year ahead.



Learn to relax the body, resting the mind and letting go by transforming unnecessary thoughts into vitality. Connect into your inner self to revitalize your energy.

Qi Gong
Part of the essence of Chinese traditional culture, Qi Gong has developed through centuries to deliver benefits such as physical fitness and feeling of youthfulness.
Until 5 January 2017
11am – 12pm

Yi Jin Jing
Yi Jin Jing a variant of Qi Gong uses a series of specific breathing exercises coordinated with mental concentration to energize body & mind and instilling a feeling of relaxation. Until 5 January 2017
2pm – 3pm

For those looking for a deeply personal experience, Dr. Zhao and Dr. Wang are available for private Qi Gong and Yi Jin Jing sessions at CNY 350/person.



Dr. Wang and Dr. Zhao will offer unique holistic treatments based on natural laws re-adjusting and connecting your body with its youthful nature.

Qi Gong Diagnostic
According to the principles of TCM, Dr. Wang uses “External Qi” to determine the state of your physical wellbeing followed by personalized suggestions for further treatment.
20 mins CNY 300/person

Bone Setting
Bone Setting is an ancient art of healing through bone manipulation and foundation to modern chiropractic therapies. This treatment is considerably more effective than mild exercise and physiotherapy to treat ailments related to neck or low back pain. Our in-house expert Dr. Zhao will tailor the session to your individual needs.
90 mins CNY 1,588/person

Tension Relief Treatment
Focusing on the inflexible neck, shoulder and waist area prompting rapid pain relief whilst simultaneously releasing muscle tension and stiffness. This treatment is useful for improving blood flow throughout the main and ancillary blood vessels using specific forms of acupuncture, enhancing your natural immune system and wellbeing.
90 mins CNY 1,588/person

Qi Gong Therapy
In order to strengthen and optimize overall health, Dr. Wang will personally discuss with you any specific area of concern before prescribing a tailor-made treatment. Beginning with Qi Gong diagnostic, the therapy is followed by acupressure and Qi-acupuncture, releasing stress and muscular pain while increasing blood circulation to balance the body’s inner harmony.
60 mins CNY 1,588/person

TCM Wellness Journey
Your customized journey begins with a private consultation with Dr. Wang. From there you will experience Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments encompassing a variety of different techniques, best suited to your specific needs. The experience is completed with a Chinese herbal body wrap, scalp massage and soothing moments of reflection and healthy spa cuisine in the tropical spa garden.
2 hours 10 mins CNY 1,988/person